To be run under the Rules of the Manawatu A & P Association Show Rules and Regulations http://www.ras.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Showing-Rules-Regulations-2015.pdf .


  1. Youth Exhibitors must be aged under 26 years as at the 01/01/2022. All animals entered in the Youth Section are eligible to be shown in their respective Breed's and the All Breed's Sections and must be entered and led by the Youth Exhibitor in all the sections.
  2. Handlers Classes: Only calves and yearlings are to be used, also the same animal cannot be used by more than one exhibitor/handler.
  3. Team Challenge: This event is for non-professionals, in this context a professional is a person that travels from or to other countries to prepare cattle for sale or shows and is paid for his/her services.


  1. The one Entry fee per animal automatically enters that animal in all classes it is eligible for:
  2. Age Group, Best Udder and All Breeds
  3. Respective Age and Best Udder classes.
  4. The NZ Dairy Event Management Committee reserves the right to amalgamate classes with insufficient entries or extend classes with very large entries, any decision made by the committee will be final.


May be accepted. Acceptance will be at the discretion of the NZ Dairy Event Management Committee.

  1. All accepted late entries will be subject to a late entry fee of Class entry fee + 50% ie. $30 + 50%, Total $45.
  2. Replacement within a class is permitted but between classes is not permitted.


  1. These will only be accepted for cattle in the same breed and same aged class.


  1. These are permitted, there is a charge of $100 + GST for a frame site/per frame and the frame will be situated next to your cattle.
  2. Clipping space must be booked and paid for on the entry form. If not booked and paid for at time of entry no frame will be permitted to be erected.
  3. To be fair to all exhibitors, clipping frames must be erected in the space allocated by the committee, not where the exhibitor thinks it should be.


  1. No straw is allowed for bedding, however if exhibitors wish at their own cost, buy wool bales of shavings to put on the sawdust.
  2. Sponsor Farm Source (Ph: 06 323 9146) will have shavings available.


Exhibitors that are travelling extreme distances will be permitted to enter Manfeild early by approval from the Chair Jamie Cunninghame 0275 833 533. Contact must be made to Jamie with day & time of arrival for approval. All other exhibitors will be able to enter Manfeild on Saturday the 20th of January 2024.


  1. Any alteration of conformation of cattle as per the Manawatu A & P Assn rules will be considered malpractice and could be disqualified from the Event.

  2. It is expected all exhibitors will keep their stalls clean and tidy at all times and encourage those that want to dress up their stalls please do so.

  3. All rubbish is to be placed in the rubbish bins provided and all cattle waste, saw-dust, shavings etc. to be placed in the allocated/signed areas.

  4. No glass bottles inside the stadium due to the risk of possible broken glass to people and animals 

  5. Exhibitors are asked to not bring large bales of baleage inside the stadium.

  6. No dogs allowed in the stadium, day or night.

  7. Unacceptable behaviour, drunkenness & under-age drinking will not be permitted. Alcohol is not to be visuable to the public.

  8. These are magnificent facilities; with the level of visitors we need to keep our image at all time's first class! "Failure to respect the facility could jeopardise our event for the future."


  1. All cattle in the breed sections must be entered in the name of the bona-fide owner.
  2. The date of birth of all breeding cattle must be stated at the time of entry.
  3. The age of cattle shall be computed as at 1st June. NB: As the age of all cattle is determined from the 1st June in each year, all animals shall be deemed to be one year older on this date.
  4. All cattle entered in the Breed and Youth classes, if one-year-old or over, must be entered in the recognised Herd Book of the breed concerned. If under one year of age, they must be eligible for entry.
  5. Addition to by-laws as approved by the NZDE:
  6. “Animals eligible for showing at NZDE must be registered with their individual breed society and comply with their individual breed society rules for association showing awards”


  1. All cattle including calves & yearlings entered for this Show must be from a TB free and Accredited herd and tested within the preceding 36 months.

  2. Cattle from a TB free and accredited herd within a declared movement control area must be tested and passed within 60 days of movement. A copy of the test certificate must accompany all animals on arrival.

  3. Checks will be made for TB declaration cards on stock arrival.

  4. A NAIT approved RFID tag is mandatory for all movements of cattle, including calves. NAIT regulations for ear tagging is one registered NAIT tag per animal for animals 30 days or older.

  5. It is the exhibitors’ responsibility to record all animal movements with NAIT 48 hours prior to leaving the farm/property for the Event and then within 48 hours of returning to the farm/property from the Event.

  6. The animals must be transferred to the (Manawatu A&P NAIT number - 443920) for the event.

  7. Please do not remove tags if cattle are identified with Animal Health Board or Minda tags.

  8. The Committee will inspect animal identification to establish TB and NAIT status.


  1. In the event of catalogued entries not being exhibited at the Show, the Chief Steward shall have the right to re-allocate such stall spaces.
  2. NO STRAW is to be brought onto the grounds.
  3. Sawdust bedding will be available for all animals.
  4. Feed receptacles will not be provided in the Dairy Pavilion.
  5. Exhibitors wishing to feed meal or dry stock foods should bring suitable containers with them.
  6. Hoses will be located at the end of each row in the Pavilion.
  7. Water troughs need to be supplied by the exhibitor and are not to be shared between exhibitors as a precaution for the prevention of the transmission of Mycoplasma Bovis.
  8. The Chief Steward along with the NZ Dairy Event Committee has the right to ask any exhibitor to leave the event if they fail to comply with the rules of both the NZ Dairy Event and Manfeild Park.


The Management Committee have made plans to ensure that those attending the NZ Dairy Event are safe and that the event venue is secure.


  1. All exhibitors and visitors will be expected to comply with the Health and Safety Act 2015.

  2. All exhibitors and visitors will be expected to comply with the NZ Covid alert levels in place at the time of the event: https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-levels-and-updates/

  3. A shed meeting will be held at the start of the event to outline evacuation procedures

  4. In the event of an emergency, exhibitors are asked to follow the instructions of NZDE Committee members and Manfeild staff.

  5. Exhibitors will be requested for their Current First Aid certification (if they have it) on the Entry Form. This will assist with the Health & Safety aspects of the event.

  6. Electrical equipment must be approved for use by a registered electrician and carry an ‘Electrical Safety Test label’ valid for the period of the event. NZDE Committee strongly advises that to avoid disappointment exhibitors get electrical equipment tested before arriving.


  1. A Shed Meeting will be held at the start of the event:

    1. Attendance by all exhibitors and supporters is compulsory at this meeting.